family Hilarious Pictures That Only Make Sense If You've Taken Care Of Your Pregnant Wife  

Ann Casano
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The joy of a newborn baby is preceded by nine long months of pregnancy. During that time, there are cravings and mood swings that result in these funny pictures about pregnant women. The partners of these expectant mothers have to deal with everything from pickle cravings at 3 am to keeping the thermostat under 60 degrees. These hilarious pictures about taking care of your pregnant wife or girlfriend may seem weird to those who haven't had to coexist with a pregnant woman but will be all too familiar to those who have.

Partners share pictures of their pregnant wives and thanks to social media, we get to laugh along with - and sometimes at - these caregivers. If anything, expectant fathers can take a look at these pictures and get a few very important tips. For example, don’t eat a pregnant woman's food, or she might stab you. Did you want a piece of that chocolate cake? If you were gone from the house for more than a few hours, don’t expect anything more than crumbs to remain. These are some of the funniest pregnant women photos on the web. 


All Hands On Deck


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A Preemptive Apology


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Would Kill For Tacos


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Protect What's Important


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