27 Of The Most Shameless Knock Off Brands We've Ever Seen

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There are brands and characters that everyone in the world instantly knows - M&Ms, SpongeBob, Domino's, Ash Ketchum, Pepsi. They are so recognizable, in fact, that even when they have been ripped off by other businesses, you can immediately tell. While we don't condone this, it's completely hilarious to see the results.

Shoutout to Subreddit r/crappyoffbrands for providing some quality laughs!

  • 1. Juice Demon

    Juice Demon
    Photo: MAGICHUSTLE / Reddit
  • 2. Crust

    Photo: Ssustinence / Reddit
  • 3. Harry Potter, Justice Magician

    Harry Potter, Justice Magician
    Photo: Phoenix-Rider / Reddit
  • 4. Star World

    Star World
    Photo: monkman75 / Reddit
  • 5. Avcngers - I Want To Deformation

    Avcngers - I Want To Deformation
    Photo: andrewication / Reddit
  • 6. Loved 'The Lele Movie' In Theaters

    Loved 'The Lele Movie' In Theaters
    Photo: TheBearking19 / Reddit