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Frank Castle, otherwise known as the Punisher, isn’t exactly known to be a barrel of laughs. That mans that hilarious Punisher moments are few and far between, but they’re out there.  He’s one of the only heroes in the Marvel universe who doesn’t cotton to either Spider-Man or Deadpool’s brand of humor, and he’s suspicious of anything that seems like too much of a good time. But what do you expect out of a guy whose entire family was killed? Despite his hardened nature, every once in a while we see the lighter side of the Punisher, even if its only for a moment.

Some of the Punisher’s funniest moments are things that artists and writers have done to Frank Castle because he’s so stoic; when a character has been a skull wearing, frowning bad ass for 30 years, sometimes it’s fun to see him get beat up by a girl. But over the years the Punisher has shown himself to be kind of funny - even if his sense of humor is kind of grim.

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This Is Probably How Most of the Punisher's Relationships End

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The Punisher and Spider-Man have a long history of beating on each other across the roof tops of New York City; they're basically the definition of frenemies. In issue #2 of The Punisher from 2001, Spider-Man has the (un)luck of saving Frank Castle as he's thrown to his death off the top of the Empire State Building while fighting The Russian - a transgender cyborg mercenary. By saving Castle, Spider-Man unwittingly enters himself into the fray and gets used by Castle as a human shield while he tries to figure out how to beat the new-and-improved Eastern European killer. In the end Castle uses one of the web head's web shooters to knock The Russian off the top of the sky scraper. And then he makes a little joke. Maybe Spidey's rubbing off on him after all. 

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The Punisher + The Terminator + Robocop = AHMAZING

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Admittedly this never happened in canon. The '90s were rife with stupid crossovers that went on for way too long (Sonic the Hedgehog and Spawn immediately comes to mind), so why not put three of the stiffest, most morally unflappable murder machines into one comic and find out how their lives shake out? Even if you couldn't get a full six issues out of these three, you could at least write a super-sized issue where the Terminator comes back in time to help Frank Castle assassinate the guy who is going to invent robot cops, or something like that. Regardless of your thoughts on Frank Castle's methods, this visual is too silly to ignore. 

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Frankencastle Makes a Bold Statement About Fire

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Where to begin with Frankencastle? In 2009 Daken killed Punisher by dismembering him in a sewer and instead of pulling the plug on the whole Punisher franchise, Marvel decided that they would rebuild the angriest hero in the game. One issue after his gruesome death, Castle is reconstructed by Morbius in hopes that a dead Franken-Castle is more controllable than a living Frank Castle. Anyway, all of this culminates in a battle between Deadpool and Franken-Castle in an issue of Deadpool Team-Up that features a play on a phrase from 1935's The Bride of Frankenstein that's worth the wait. 

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Honestly, Who Doesn't Like Bacon with Breakfast?

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Is this panel from Marvel's Civil War proof that Frank Castle not only understands sarcasm, but that he also has an inherent understanding of comic timing? This fight between Steve Rogers and Frank Castle occurs just after Rogers realizes that he may have made a mistake drafting a killer with very few morals into his crew. Believe it or not, this wouldn't be the last time that these came to blows - even Castle was more than a little hesitant to fight back against the surrogate for American freedom. 

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