Total Nerd This Guy Turned His Hilarious Stick Figure Comics Into A Full-Time Job (10+ Comics)  

Lowe Saddler
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Maximumble artist Chris Hallbeck started making cartoons in high school as a way to entertain his friends, but he had no idea that his lunchtime hobby would soon turn into a profitable career. After religiously reading comedic staples like Peanuts and Garfield in paper copy, he realized that he could contribute to the comedic world online.

In addition to being hilarious, Hallbeck is a talented artist. Instead of penning complex drawings for his comic strips, though, he prefers to use simple lines, minimal shading, and stick figures. This art start style, which permeates his Maximumble comic strip, is pretty rare as webcomics like Reza Farazmand's Poorly Drawn Lines and Meg Quinn's Art by Moga are incredibly detailed and colorful.

Still, even without the fancy art techniques, Chris Hallbeck's work is outstanding. His comics were such a hit on Instagram, that he was able to publish multiple eBooks and make illustrating his full-time job. 

Check out some of his funniest Maximumble panels below.

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