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18 Hilarious Times Clothing Went Horribly Wrong

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It's no secret that when it comes to fashion, bad clothing designs can go a long way - just look at the worst fashion trends in history. However, the clothes you're about to see on this list take things way beyond mere tackiness and poor style choices. These bad boys defy not only the laws of fashion, but of decency, common sense, and all things sacred as they epitomize epic clothing disasters.

Prepare to feast your eyes on a number of times where clothing went horribly wrong, producing a number of baffling yet hysterical results. Here you'll see logos gone accidentally rogue and patterns harboring offensive imagery. So, gird your fashion loins and come on in for a look at these hilarious instances in which clothing designers decided their last f- had flown. Vote up the funniest examples of clothing gone wrong. 

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    When No Amount Of Flamingos Can Distract From Your Crotch Design

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    The World's Most Unfortunately Placed Flower

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    Keep Calm And Try Again

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    The Importance Of Wearing Glasses While Shopping For PJs

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