Hilarious And Borderline Embarrassing Celebrity Tweets That Should Have Probably Never Happened

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Vote up the celeb tweets that had you rolling in laughter, though that probably wasn't the intention at all.

Celebs love Twitter. To be clear, they love all forms of social media, and why not? It's the perfect limelight for narcissism. They upload trashy posts on Instagram; they get into wild debates on Facebook; and occasionally celebs display really insensitive posts on Snapchat. For all wannabe comedian A-listers, though, Twitter is the undisputed best place to post ridiculous musings, hilarious grievances, and jokes that are borderline embarrassing.

It's unsurprising that certain celebrities have ended up on this list of embarrassing social media moments. While not all stars are known for their comedy, many of them have done pretty comedic things, sometimes inadvertently. Miley Cyrus has ended up here, for example, and though she may be a mellow country singer now she once caused many a fan to scratch their head at her crazy stunts and inane outfits. The Kardashians are such prolific tweeters that there's bound to be a social media swing and miss from time to time, and both POTUS and FLOTUS are on the list, as well: Donald and Melania Trump post a wealth of interesting tidbits on their social media accounts and quite a few of their respective tweets are hilariously embarrassing. 

See a few of these instances below and vote up the tweets that have you laughing the hardest... even if they weren't intended that way.

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    Airplane Toilets Don't Play Favorites


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    Anna Kendrick Has Always Been Incredibly Introspective


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    Anna Kendrick Likes Her Coffee Quiet


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    Even 50 Cent Isn't Rich Enough To Stop Doing Chores


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    Donald Trump, Master Of All Things Twitter, Can Also Tell The Future


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    You Might Have To Google More About Zedd Than Just His Age


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