25 Memes About Vegans That Will Crack You Up

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Vegans certainly deserve admiration for their adherence to a strict dietary lifestyle, but that all changes when they demand it from you. To keep you sane and to keep vegans from getting too gassed up by all the beans they consume, people began creating laughable vegan memes. Every time your Earth-focused friends try to shame you for smearing brie on a cracker, pull up one of these hilarious vegan memes to ensure they keep their almond milk to themselves.

Anti-vegan restaurant signs started the heavy lifting, but now the denizens of the internet are taking up arms against the vegan vehemence that makes you feel terrible for putting cream in your coffee. Now, instead of letting the vegans and former vegans get your goat, use these memes to remind them that plants, whether vegans realize it or not, have feelings too. Just be warned - some of these memes contain adult language.

  • 1. Sad Substitutes

    Sad Substitutes
    Photo: jcb9009 / Reddit
  • 2. Do You Even Carrot?

    Do You Even Carrot?
    Photo: Seysen / Reddit
  • 3. Home Ingestion

    Home Ingestion
    Photo: user uploaded image
  • 4. Welcome To Rock Bottom