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Epic Tweets By Women That Made The Whole Internet Laugh Out Loud

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Women tell jokes, too. The comedy industry seems to be dominated by men - men on Twitter, men in standup shows, men that mansplain to women. But in truth, women are just as hilarious, if not more so, than their male counterparts, and they use social media outlets like Twitter to spread the laughs. Truly, when the allegedly fairer sex encounters blatant shows of sexism and disrespect, they use humor to soften the blows. A lady gets catcalled five times in a five-block radius, so she makes fun of the verbal assailants. The entire female gender is deprived of equal pay, so they burn bras.

Women aren't just funny to respond to men, either. Go figure; they are funny in their own right. Comediennes like Mindy Kaling, Betty White, and Wanda Sykes challenge the idea that ladies don't make jokes. Kaling's Twitter account is perfectly snarky, and White's words of wisdom are poignant - but they'll make you pee your pants in laughter. Non-famous women on Twitter are pretty hilarious as well. Their epic tweets satirize politics, sexism, and even period cramps.

Even if you're not a lady, you just might find yourself laughing at lady jokes. 

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    There's A Great Trick To Silence Cat-Callers


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    The Body Wants What It Wants


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    Time Is Relative


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    Being Tired Is A Good Thing


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