Hotels Hilariously Bad Hotels That Get Five Stars For Trying  

Mick Jacobs

Like so-bad-they're-fun movies The Room or Fifty Shades of Grey, some hotels are so awful that they somehow make up for it by being hilariously entertaining, even if it is unintentional. The video below features some of the saddest hotels to ever hold any guests.

Usually when people book a hotel, they're not expecting the Four Seasons, unless of course they happened to book your stay there. Most hotels, even the Holiday Inn, do their best to offer a trip that won't give you bedbugs or lead to a negative Yelp review.

All sorts of design flaws, from the frustrating ones to the suggestive ones, help to set hilariously bad hotels apart from the rest of the Sheratons and Hampton Inns of the world. If anything it might be better to be a part of this collection of bad hotels; at least the ones here stand out.

Sure, they may not offer exactly what you expected, but these laughably awful hotels and inns offer something else: entertainment. Typically, entertainment costs money at such  establishments, but these terrible hotels decided to give it out for free. Watch the video below to see where you could be staying.