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Hilariously Depressing Memes For When Netflix Asks If You're Still Watching

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You might imagine Netflix would grow tired of TV-shaming viewers. Binge-watching is just part of modern culture now; it's not going anywhere. It's one of the best ways to pass the time, get over a breakup, or even pretend that you're living a completely different, possibly better life. Netflix provides a distraction when distraction is necessary.

And for that, most Netflix account users are appreciative. However, most subscribers bemoan those pesky, judgemental messages that pop after every two to fours hours of uninterpreted TV time. In fact, people make hilarious memes to really demonstrate how little Netflix's judgment matters.

Yes, Netflix, we're still watching. No, Netflix, we don't want to get off this couch and make anything of ourselves. We set out to watch every single episode of Jane the Virgin before the weekend's over, and we will stop at nothing to accomplish that goal. We may even find the time to peruse every single Netflix suggestion too - and we'll enjoy each minute. 

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    Netflix Changes You

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    Real Friends Can't Compete

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    Who Needs Friends When Television Exists?

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    It's Cold Here, But At Least There's Netflix

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