These Webcomics By War And Peas Are Deliciously Evil

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The humor of situations always seems more pronounced when paired with an opposing emotion. Webcomics are the perfect place for this juxtaposition. Be it finding the humorous in the depressing or addressing the dark side of parenting; webcomics flip the script with their original humor. The deceptively adorable War and Peas webcomic, created by Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz of Saarbrücken, Germany, is the exact perfect balance of hilarity and darkness. This dark humor online comic addresses everything from kids summoning demons for tea parties to old men propositioning the grim reaper. 

What's their process? According to their FAQ, "Elizabeth is actually a computer scientist, so she wrote an algorithm which comes up with all the comics for us. That way, we have more time to sit around eating nutbars."

War and Peas is one of the best webcomics around - and there's a strong possibility robots created it - so read on and embrace the dark part of you that finds these illustrations deeply hilarious.