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Here's Where You've Seen Everyone In 'The Haunting Of Hill House' Before

The Haunting of Hill House, a modern take on the eponymous Shirley Jackson novel, has officially become a classic. The 2018 Netflix original series has garnered praise from critics and audiences alike. Featuring hidden ghosts lurking in the corners of frames, superb acting talent, and skillful direction by Mike Flanagan, the series tells the story of the Crains, a family that flips houses for a living. When the Crains make their way to Hill House, they come to learn that some things cannot be fixed.

The show bounces between two different time periods in the Crains' lives: 1992 and present day. In the 1992 timeline, Olivia and Hugh Crain (Carla Gugino and Henry Thomas) take their five children to live in Hill House as they begin their renovation. While the Crains are at the house, strange incidents and outright tragedies befall the family, informing the lives of the children as adults and their relationship with their father. 

Most people who have watched the show may recognize some of the cast members from their previous work, but perhaps other actors flew under the radar. Some of them might even pop in these other shows like The Haunting of Hill House!

  • Role in The Haunting of Hill House: Adult Luke Crain

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen plays Luke Crain, who is Nell's twin and a struggling addict.

    Before landing his Hill House role, Jackson-Cohen portrayed Prince William in the 2011 Funny Or Die series, Will and Kate: Before Happily Ever After. He played John Cantrell in the 2012 John Cusack film, The Raven, and took on the classic role of Jonathan Harker in the short-lived television series, Dracula, with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. 

  • Victoria Pedretti

    Photo: IMDB / Netflix

    Role in The Haunting of Hill House: Adult Nell Crain

    Nell Crain's story is arguably the most tragic among the five siblings. She's never fully able to move on from her time at Hill House, and despite her best efforts to build a normal life, her fears follow her every step.

    Though her first professional acting role is as Nell Crain, Victoria Pedretti already has a high-profile job lined up post-Hill House: a role in Quentin Tarantino's 2019 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The film uses the Manson Family slayings as a backdrop, and will star Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. 

    Before Hill House, Pedretti starred in two short films: Sole (2014) and Uncovering Eden (2014).

  • Photo: MGM / Netflix

    Role in The Haunting of Hill House: Dr. Montague

    Russ Tamblyn began his career as a child actor in 1949's The Kid from Cleveland. His MGM contract led to other roles in films like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Father of the Bride, Peyton Place, and Tom Thumb. You might also recognize Tamblyn from Twin PeaksDjango Unchained, and as Dog Walker God in the 2004 television series, Joan of Arcadia, which also starred his real-life daughter, Amber Tamblyn.

    In 1963, Tamblyn took the role of Luke Sanderson in The Haunting, which also drew inspiration from the Shirley Jackson's novel, The Haunting of Hill House. In the 2018 Netflix series, Tamblyn makes a cameo as Nell Crain's therapist, Dr. Montague.

  • Annabeth Gish

    Photo: FX / Netflix

    Role in The Haunting of Hill House: Mrs. Dudley

    Annabeth Gish's Mrs. Dudley is the dour caretaker of the Hill House. However, Gish's acting career began with much lighter fare. With at least 86 acting credits to her name since 1986, Gish has appeared alongside Julia Roberts in Mystic Pizza; in Beautiful Girls with Hill House co-star, Timothy Hutton; and in multiple television series, including The X-Files and The West Wing.

    She had a one-episode stint on Parks and Recreation as Stephanie Wyatt, sister of Ben Wyatt. She also spent one season on Sons of Anarchy as Lieutenant Althea Jarry, and four years working on Pretty Little Liars as Dr. Anne Sullivan.