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The Greatest Faces Hillary Clinton Has Ever Made

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Like holiday season, election season seems to be getting longer and longer. Years before a presidential election is scheduled to come around, pundits, politicians, and even Average Joes start speculating on candidates and predicting who will win. Love her or hate her, Hillary Clinton has been a staple of American politics for many years now, acting as everything from First Lady to the Secretary of State to a presidential candidate in her own rite. Regardless of how you feel about her politics, we’re sure you’ll love her funny face making skills after you get a load of the greatest faces Hillary Clinton has ever made.
Aspiring world leaders are no stranger to the limelight, as these many, many, many pictures of Hillary Clinton prove. Here we’ve assembled a tribute to our favorite funny Hillary photos. Among them you’ll find Hillary faces filled with American pride, and others in which her deeper frustrations sneak through. This expansive assortment of funny Hillary Clinton faces chronicles her rise to fame, beginning all the way back with her fresh faced hippie days.
Whether you not you plan on voting for her, you've got to admit that Hillary Clinton's got one of the most expressive faces ever to grace the United States political system! Do your research and check out this list to get familiar with the many faces of Hillary Clinton before Election Day.
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