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Hip Hop Artists With Their Own Beers

The relationship between beer and hip-hop dates back almost to the beginning stages of the culture. From N.WA.’s 1987 song “8Ball” (an Ode to Olde English 800) to MF DOOM’s “One Beer” from his classic Food album, MCs have dedicated countless songs and lyrics to their favorite brews.

Aside from those great St. Ides commercials from the 1990s and Jay Z’s Budweiser deal, there wasn’t much of a business relationship between rappers and the beers they rapped about until recently. As craft beer has exploded over the last few years, the relationship between brewers and artists has also evolved. Now brewers are not only brewing beers inspired by their favorite rappers, in many cases they are partnering directly with artists to create beers.

Whether you love a great stout, IPA or lager, there are tasty selections inspired by or created by hip hop artists on this list.