The Biggest Hip-Hop Feuds of All Time

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Where's the beef? If you guessed "in the world of hip-hop," then you guessed correctly. For as long as hip hop has been popular, epic feuds have existed between top artists, and it can be exhausting to keep up with the latest hip-hop beef and feuds, along with the most disrespectful diss tracks in rap history.

Which rappers and hip-hop stars have been involved in rap beefs? Even the two most critically acclaimed rappers of all time, Tupac and Biggie Smalls hated each other, and possibly even had each other killed. Jay-Z, Drake, Big Sean... they've all got enemies. 

Feuds occur between new school and old school rappers all the time (remember those harsh words Ice-T had for Soulja Boy?). However, feuds also occur between contemporary rappers with similar styles. Just ask Nelly and Chingy. Even when rappers doesn't seem to have anything in common a feud can break out, too. 

Vote up the feuds you think are the biggest throughout the history of hip hop and rap music. Who knows, maybe this list will even rekindle one.