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No Matter How Cute They Might Appear, Hippos Are Extremely Dangerous Animals

If you're obsessed with all things cute on the Internet, you've probably watched more than few YouTube videos of chubby, round hippopotamus cubs flopping around the zoo. Don't be fooled by all those cute hippo photos or those adorable little neck and tummy rolls you want to squeeze - hippos are dangerous

How dangerous? Well, according to some reports, hippos are the most dangerous animal in all of Africa. They're more dangerous than lions, hyenas, snakes, and mosquitos (who transmit deadly diseases). Hippos have gored humans, overturned boats and they've certainly stomped out an angry pack of lions or two.

As cute as they look, these animals are mean. Hippos are highly aggressive, especially when protecting their young. Just because they're pudgy doesn't mean they aren't fast and fierce. Here are some terrifying hippo facts that prove these roly-poly creatures should be feared.