The Most Hipster Drinks You Can Order

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Thanks to the Internet and the cyclical nature of popularity, bespoke, craftsman style drinks have made a comeback with hipsters from Brooklyn to Austin to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. In fact, anywhere you go, there’s likely to be a bar that caters to the bearded sect and serves obnoxious cocktails right alongside PBR tallboys. Even though making fun of hipsters is like shooting fish in an artisanal barrel, one does have to admit that hipster cocktails are delicious, and you should try something a little kooky the next time you go out. If you’re not sure what a hipster drinks, that’s okay. This list of the most hipster drinks you can order will let you know, so you’ll fit right in at that dive bar next to the vegan shoe store.

If going out to a noisy bar doesn’t sound like a fun evening, but you still want to try some of the hipster booze on this list, try throwing a hipster-themed party. You'll find a recipe for every one of the drinks on this list, so all you'll have to do is supply the mustaches and ukuleles! Whether you prefer whisky, bourbon, or gin, there’s a hipster cocktail on this list for you to enjoy.

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    The Earl Grey French 75

    The Earl Grey French 75
    Photo: flickr / CC0
    French 75s are the perfect drink to order when you want to feel fancy, but this gin-based cocktail ratchets up the fancy with the addition of Early Grey tea-infused gin. Captain Picard would be pleased.
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    Lavender Collins

    Lavender Collins
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    Putting flowers in your cocktail is sooooooo in right now. This delightful summer drink takes a little elbow grease but it's worth it to feel refreshed while you get trashed.
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    Elderflower and Lime Martini

    The best thing about this drink recipe is that it's basically just a martini, but with one additional and very fancy sounding ingredient. This is the perfect drink for waxing your mustache on a Sunday afternoon.
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    Carrot Beet Shrub

    Carrot Beet Shrub
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    For those of you not in the know, a "shrub" is a type of vinegar that you can drink that's usually mixed with alcohol for interesting result. Shrubs are super trendy right now and you might as well try one, especially this drink that you can pretend is healthy because it has beet juice in it.
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    The Frenchy

    Two toned drinks are AMAZING. First of all, they match your quirky hair, and secondly this specific drink has pineapple juice and pineapple juice is just delicious.
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    The Pickleback

    The Pickleback
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    This combo puts two things that hipsters love into one embarrassing drink order: whisky and pickle juice. Yum? All you have to do for this concoction is take a shot of whisky, and follow it with a shot of pickle brine, which you probably have gallons of left over from your failed bespoke pickling business.
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