The Most Hipster Tattoos You See Everywhere (and What They Mean)

Knowing which hipster tattoo designs to get permanently inked on your body is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Do you get an anchor on your foot or do you go nuts and get a dreamcatcher tattooed down your back? Get ready to kiss us on the mouth, because we’re here to help you understand the hipster tattoo meanings that could make or break your tattoo decisions.

Even if you’re not planning on getting a tattoo anytime soon, and you just want to know the meanings of hipster tattoos, this list is going to open up a whole new world for you. Throw on some 180-gram vinyl and check out these common hipster tattoos and what they mean.

Hipster symbol tattoos can be confusing, especially when they’re all mixed in together and covered in plaid shirts and denim. What do hipster tattoos mean? Some of the symbols are so rich with history that they can have multiple meanings, but a few tattoos hipsters have are almost completely devoid of meaning. If you want to know which tattoos have zero meaning and which tats are actually significant, take a look at these hipster tattoo pictures.

  • Anchors

    Anchor tattoos have been around since 2500 BC, making them one of the oldest symbols used in body art. Not only does the anchor symbolize the mingling of masculine and feminine sensibilities, but it also stands for loyalty, honor, and security. 
  • Feather

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    Something as simple as a feather tattoo can actually have multiple meanings. Most commonly they stand for a sense of freedom, but they also evoke the element of air, and the ability to articulate your ideas. Also, that you like to be tickled. 
  • Mustache

    We can all agree that mustache tattoos, or what are more commonly known as a "fingerstache," probably don't have a meaning other than "I have too much money." Or maybe they just mean that the wearer of the fingerstache has a fun sense of humor. 
  • Triangle

    The triangle design is loaded with meaning. It can relate to the holy trinity, and in the Greek culture, a triangle is the symbol of a doorway. Interpret that how you will. 
  • Compass

    For centuries, the compass has been used as a symbol of good luck. Sailors especially believed that the ink would keep them safe from rough waters and ensure a safe trip home. 
  • Trees

    Trees are naturally resilient. They weather storms and the elements, and a series of tree tattoos can either mean that you're incredibly tough or that you'd like to be a bit more supple.