Hiring Managers Share Telltale Signs When They Know Their Candidate Is Lying 

Amalia Halpin
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"Everyone lies on their resume" but do they all get away with it? 

Gracias, Next

From Redditor u/ER10years_throwaway:

I speak enough gringo Spanish to get by, and back in the day when I was a hiring manager, if anybody put "fluent in Spanish" on their resume, I'd walk into the interview room and introduce myself and start the interview in Spanish. The looks of panic from the kids who'd taken, like, three years of high school Spanish before college were priceless.

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Not Understanding The Job

From Redditor u/ErecSchunn:

Well, I was testing a potential welder once. He showed up in shorts, muscle shirt, and flip flops... To do a weld test. And interview. I turned him away citing safety concerns about his wardrobe, and never rescheduled. Figured he was too dumb for me to deal with.

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We're Not Interviewing Google

From Redditor u/Shyless21:

One woman I interviewed literally took a pause and read the answers to the questions straight off of Google (online Skype Interview). I noticed it because they were really weird pauses and googled it myself and literally followed along like subtitles.

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Cried All The Way Home

From Redditor u/Communist_Pants:

We had an interview candidate who said their Excel skills were "9.5 out of 10" and they knew how to do Pivot tables.

They literally started crying when we brought out a laptop for the skills test and asked them to make a pivot table out of sample data.

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