The Greatest Hispanic MLB Players Ever

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Who are the best Hispanic baseball players? Who are the greatest Hispanic MLB players? This list of the best Hispanic MLB players looks to answer that question as we put it to a vote. Where do MLB legends like Mariano Rivera, Pedro Martinez, Fernando Valenzuela, Rod Carew, Roberto Clemente, Manny Ramirez, and Sammy Sosa rank on this list? How about current Hispanic baseball stars like Jose Bautista, Yoenis Cespedes, Yasiel Puig, Yadier Molina, David Ortiz, Miguel Cabrera, Adrian Gonzalez, Fernando Rodney, and Albert Pujols rank?

Vote on who you think are the greatest Hispanic MLB players of all time in the list below. If you see anyone missing from the list, feel free to add them so that other baseball fans and Rankers can vote on your additions! Who is the greatest MLB Hispanic player of all time?
Most divisive: Jose Canseco
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  • Roberto Clemente
    1,384 votes
    Right fielder

    Roberto Clemente, a Puerto Rican right fielder who spent his entire 18-year career with the Pittsburgh Pirates, dazzled fans with his extraordinary throwing arm, magnificent fielding prowess, and consistent hitting ability. As one of the most beloved athletes of his era, Clemente's humanitarian efforts off the field and his tragic death in a plane crash en route to deliver aid to earthquake-stricken Nicaragua only solidified his legacy as a symbol of compassion and dedication. His impact on the game is undeniable, paving the way for future generations of Hispanic baseball players while garnering respect and admiration from fans universally.

  • Albert Pujols
    1,042 votes
    First baseman

    Dominican-American first baseman Albert Pujols has left an indelible mark on the sport with his consistent power hitting and impeccable fielding abilities throughout his career with the St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Angels. Known as "The Machine" for his mechanically precise swing and relentless work ethic, Pujols has been a vital asset to his team's success while simultaneously inspiring countless young players from his homeland. His steadfast commitment to excellence both on and off the field, along with his affable personality, has made him a respected figure within the MLB community and among baseball fans.

  • Pedro Martínez
    804 votes
    Starting pitcher, Pitcher

    Hailing from the Dominican Republic, pitcher Pedro Martínez consistently dominated opponents throughout his career with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Montreal Expos, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, and Philadelphia Phillies. Known for his exceptional command and deceptive changeup, Martínez struck fear in the hearts of batters while earning the admiration of his peers and fans alike for his tenacity and relentless pursuit of greatness. His impact on the game and passion for mentoring younger players have solidified his place in baseball history as one of the best Hispanic pitchers ever.

  • Mariano Rivera
    883 votes
    Relief pitcher, Pitcher

    As the undisputed king of closers, Panamanian Mariano Rivera played an integral role in the New York Yankees' success for nearly two decades, racking up a record number of saves and becoming synonymous with the moniker "The Sandman." Utilizing his devastating cut fastball, Rivera consistently baffled opposing hitters, preserving leads at critical moments and earning a reputation as the most dominant closer in baseball history. His unflappable demeanor and unwavering commitment to excellence have left an indelible mark on the game and inspired future generations of Hispanic pitchers.

  • Miguel Cabrera
    650 votes
    First baseman, Third baseman

    Throughout his career with the Florida Marlins and Detroit Tigers, Venezuelan-born Miguel Cabrera has widely been regarded as one of the most gifted pure hitters in the sport, possessing an unparalleled combination of power and average. Cabrera's ability to consistently produce runs and drive in RBI has made him a cornerstone player for his teams, leading them to deep playoff runs and securing numerous accolades. His impact on the game is immeasurable, as his vibrant personality, philanthropic efforts, and exceptional skills have endeared him to fans and peers alike.

  • Vladimir Guerrero
    536 votes
    Designated hitter, Right fielder, Outfielder

    Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Vladimir Guerrero spent his career terrorizing opposing pitchers with his unparalleled plate coverage and uncanny ability to hit pitches outside the strike zone with ferocity and accuracy. Along with his prowess at the plate, Guerrero's cannon-like arm and fearless outfield play made him a fan favorite for both the Montreal Expos and Los Angeles Angels. His relentless pursuit of success and his unmistakable flair on the field have made him a cultural icon and inspiration for aspiring Hispanic baseball players.