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Historians Answer Questions About Historical Royals We Should Have Asked Ages Ago

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For us plebians, it's hard to fully imagine what life as a royal is like. Because there are so few people who can even slightly relate to this lifestyle, it's been the center of much questioning over the years. What do their daily lives look like? How did they get their nicknames? Have they always been so well-known? 

A lot of these royal family questions are a little superficial and can likely be answered by the common knowledge about the rules and regulations of royal families today. Others, however, take a little more finesse and understanding of historical events. That's where the Reddit channel AskHistorians comes in. This page consists of questions posed by curious people who just want answers to some of history's biggest questions - obvious or never been asked before. Then, actual historians and professionals answer those questions with well-sourced information.

Take a look at some of the history questions about royal people and families that we wish we had the answers to long ago.