12 Declassified Navy SEAL Missions From Military History That Were Top Secret

Created in 1962, the Navy SEALs are one of the most prominent go-to special forces organizations in the United States military. They’ve seen action in almost every major conflict the US has been involved in since their inception, and their covert actions and reconnaissance skills have been invaluable in saving American lives across many engagements over the years.

Of course, the most famous and well-respected unit in the SEALs is SEAL Team Six. Their successor unit, DEVGRU, has been responsible for some of the most courageous and dangerous covert operations attempted by the United States. They’ve participated in countless rescues, captures, and even the assassination of Osama bin Laden - and those aren't the only prominent things Navy SEALs have done. Check out the list below for more declassified Navy SEAL missions from history.