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20 Adorable Pictures of Cats Throughout History

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If you’ve always assumed that modern culture's fascination with things like hilarious photos of cats is a modern phenomenon, think again. Believe it or not, humans have been cracking up over photos of cats doing wild stuff for centuries and we’ve put together a collection of historic photos of cats to prove it. So if you’re a fan of Internet sensations like Keyboard Cat, Lil’ Bub, and LOLcats, prepare to become familiar the early pioneers of funny cat history, thanks to these historical cats.

Here you’ll find historical photos that prove cats have been giving leg rubs and nabbing human beds since the earliest days of kitty kind. Not only will you see age old kitties milking it for the camera, you’ll view rare historical evidence that humans have been obsessed with putting animals in people clothes for an unfortunate amount of history. Whether these cats were posed in highchairs by their young human friends or decked out in dresses by professional photographers, they’re ready to treat you to some of the earliest silently judgmental stares ever caught on film.

So get ready to kick it old school with a blast from kitty past. When better than the present to curl up with your favorite fur ball and take a look back at these historic cat photos that are guaranteed to make you grin.