18 Utterly Fascinating Vintage Fast Food Menus Throughout History

Time changes everything, including the ways people buy and consume food, and fast food changed just as fast as its name implies. Today, a typical fast food menu offers not only burgers, fries, and shakes, but salads, quesadillas, and molten chocolate cakes, so the selection's definitely improved from these vintage menus. For all they lack in choices, these menus make up for in prices; look at them! The Taco Bell dollar menu feels like a rip-off knowing baby boomers paid only $0.25 per burrito. 

With their prices and limited selection, these old fast food menus reflect changes in people's food habits and standard of living. Back then, fast food probably felt a bit "faster": with $2 alone you could buy one of each menu item on the original McDonald's menu. Living in the past isn't healthy, but neither is fast food, so indulge your vices and imagine the paradise of these vintage menus still existing today.