Which Historical Figures Share Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

The legend of the Chinese zodiac dictates that the gods assigned 12 animals to a cycle of 12 different years, a tradition that has carried down through the centuries. Chinese astrology can tell you all about yourself - but it doesn't end there. The Western zodiac signs of historical figures can reveal a great deal about how astrological signs function and coexist with one another, and the Chinese zodiac can do much the same. Not only will it teach you about you, but in turn you can see which historical figures you'd get along with; maybe you'd vibe with Leonardo da Vinci, born under the Year of the Monkey, or perhaps align better with Queen Victoria, who lived up to her reputation of being a Rabbit in more ways than one. 

P.S. In the Chinese zodiac, every new year begins with the arrival of the New Moon between January 16 and February 20, so depending on when your birthday falls you might in fact have been born under the Chinese astrological sign of the year before.