Historical Figures Whose Body Parts Went Missing for Strange Reasons

As sad as a funeral can be, a burial can also be a very comforting thing. For many, it’s simply the comforting feeling of knowing their loved ones will be at rest long after their death in an undisturbed slumber. 

As it turns out, though, the whole burial thing might not be as permanent as most would like it to be. History has been peppered with bodies both significant and insignificant being stolen, going missing, or being divvied up and spread around the world. And while many have been victims of grave robbing, historical figures who had their bodies stolen are of particular curiosity and interest. Famous people who had their bodies stolen include politicians, scientists, and entertainers. Sometimes it's their entire body, other times it's their body parts. 

Whatever the reason, the stories of historical figures whose graves were robbed are as interesting as they are scary. 

Photo: NPR