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21 Historical Figures Who Would Dominate Social Media If They Were Alive Today

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Vote up the historical figures who would most dominate social media today.

The heroes and villains of history expressed themselves in myriad ways. Some raised armies. Others fought for social change. Some paid the ultimate price. 

But while they all accomplished great (or infamous) things during their lifetimes, what would they do today with the power of social media at their disposal? How many more could they influence? 

Vote up the historical figures you most feel would make effective use of social media today. 

  • Forget the Kardashians. Marilyn would own Instagram and TikTok.

  • MLK's incredible oratory and stirring speeches would make him a YouTube sensation.

  • "A penny saved is a penny earned." "Early to bed, early to rise..." This guy was made for Twitter.

  • Her beauty would thrive on Instagram; her political savvy would dominate Facebook.

  • Still bitter over his losing battle with Thomas Edison, he would be pushing alternating current on every social channel.

  • Capone always claimed to be a legitimate businessman, so perhaps LinkedIn would be his jam.

  • He would reach millions online by any means necessary.

  • Her Instagram pictures of cake would no doubt move the masses to action. 

  • This steadfast abolitionist and activist would be working every social channel to exact change.

  • His writings helped solidify support for the American Revolution. His blogs today would move millions.

  • No one stood in his way as he conquered large swaths of Asia - but his mean tweets today would be even worse.

  • Douglass' intellectual prowess and well-reasoned arguments would make for an engaging Tumblr blog.

  • She ruled Russia for decades - but she'd lord over every social channel like a queen today. 

  • If only location-sharing was enabled... 

  • The original carnival barker would be working multiple social channels and probably spreading misinformation.

  • Never one to deny his own importance, his Instagram portraits would rule.

  • This innovative Mexican artist would use Instagram for art - and Twitter to further her activism.

  • He defeated General Custer and would slay social media as well. 

  • This legend of civil and women's rights would take it to the establishment on every social channel.

  • She burned for her beliefs - and you can bet this nimble warrior would own TikTok.

  • James could send status updates on his latest robberies and troll the ancestors of the Pinkertons on Twitter.