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Historical 'Good Guys' Who Weren’t Actually Good

September 22, 2020 6.9k votes 1k voters 116k views13 items

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There's a reason people say "never meet your heroes." No matter their achievements, no matter their importance to history, they are ultimately human beings. They possess the same vices and frailties as the people who don't appear in textbooks or on the silver screen.

Sometimes this means our heroes lived in an era with drastically different morals; the Founding Fathers, for example, forged a new nation "conceived in liberty" while still owning slaves. Other heroes of history, like inventor Alexander Graham Bell, clung to damaging personal beliefs that impacted immigrants and the disabled.

While the inventions, ideas, or music these folks left behind may undoubtedly be great, there's no getting around the fact that some historical heroes were really villains. As shared by users on Reddit, this is a list of historical figures who did bad things that definitely wouldn't fly today. Vote up the ones you're most disappointed to learn.