Weird History Historical Hats That Definitely Deserve A Renaissance  

Mick Jacobs

Fashion trends come and go, and naturally this means certain looks and styles are lost to the past. One of fashion's most ostentatious designs, the hat, left many of its incarnations in previous eras. The very best historical hats appear in the video below.

An accessory that demands attention, the hat needed to keep up with the times in order to remain in vogue. If you look at the history of the hat, you see how it goes through various forms based on the time period. 

Based on its design, a hat can say all sorts of things about a person or a particular trend. Some obviously have better things to say than others, which is why many hat designs fail to resurface after their heydays.

However, the specific hat designs seen in the video below apparently deserve a Renaissance of their own. Watch the video below to see if you think these hats have earned their comeback, and if so, how you might incorporate one into your new look.