Here's What Historical Job You'd Be Working Based On Your Zodiac

Whether or not you believe the stars and signs hold sway over your destiny, there are plenty of people the world over who do. Since ancient times people have looked to the stars to decide just what exactly they should do with their lives, and this definitely includes trying to figure out what career is best suited for them personally. While the zodiac hasn’t changed that much through the ages, the jobs available to us certainly have. Historical jobs cover a wide range, and it’s always fun to look up careers that match your zodiac sign, so have you ever considered what job your sign would be best suited for if you lived in another era?

Jobs that match your personality, be they from the Victorian era or ancient Greece, can be heavily influenced by your astrological sign. Are you a Cancer who’s best suited to be an aristocratic governess? Or how about a Leo, who’d shine as an actor during the Elizabethan era? The stars know we all have our parts to play, so here’s a look into the historical jobs that would be best suited for your sign.

  • Aries are assertive and competitive leaders well suited for jobs that require confidence and a strong will. Today, an Aries may be a good fit for a job as a surgeon, athlete, or business manager.

    During medieval times, an Aries could apply those same qualities to a job as a barber-surgeon. When the medical profession was complicated by religious changes and rampant plague, barbers stepped in to fill the void, performing medical tasks like surgeries, bloodletting, and amputations. The confident Aries would have no problem stepping into the authoritative position of a medieval barber-surgeon.

    However, Aries's competitive spirit may also have felt at home in the role of an ancient Olympian. In ancient Greece, athletes competed to be immortalized by as many Olympic victories as they could achieve.

  • Taurus - Daguerreotypist
    Photo: Alphonse Plumier / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Taurus's are hard-working, steady employees who value a mixture of stability and creativity. Nowadays, a Taurus might want a job as a fashion designer, a luxury salesman, a manager, or a financial advisor.

    In the Victorian era, a Taurus might have found an outlet for their creativity by being a daguerreotypist. Daguerreotypes were the first photographs, and the photography process became extremely popular when it was introduced to the public. Experienced daguerreotypists set up portrait studios that were frequented by clients. A Taurus could put in the hard work and appreciate the routine, but still love working with the beauty of photography.

  • Geminis are adaptable and love variety and new challenges in their work. They can be easily bored, and the best jobs for them have dynamic, engaging tasks. A Gemini today would do well as a teacher, interpreter, publicity manager, or communications specialist.

    In ancient times, a Gemini would do well as a scribe, responsible for recording and communicating events and knowledge of the day. In Rome, scribes wrote up public accounts and communicated laws and proceedings of the government. Keeping up with ever-changing events as a scribe would allow a Gemini to use their adaptable skills.

    In a more recent era, Geminis would flourish as a lector, employed by factories to read to their employees to break up the monotony of the work. Lectors had to be part orator, part actor. Geminis would understand the idea of breaking up monotony and thrive in this job with their communication skills.

  • Cancer - Governess
    Photo: Jean Pierre Julien Dupin / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Cancer is the born nurturer with a natural tendency towards caretaking and protecting. Cancers are also dreamers with excellent problem-solving skills. In current times, Cancers may find themselves as teachers, healthcare workers, or social workers.

    In the past, Cancers could easily have taken a similar role as a governess or a tutor. Governesses were responsible for caring for and educating the children of the upper classes. Tutors were the male counterpart of governesses, responsible for educating young boys in both essential academic areas and social graces.

    The role of educating young children and preparing them for the world would appeal to a Cancer's nurturing tendencies, while the romanticized portrayal of the positions in Victorian literature would give them plenty to dream about.

  • Leos are obvious leaders, as they are ambitious and confident. They love the spotlight, but they also love to inspire. Many Leos go into politics, as well as entertainment and business.

    Throughout history, Leos would have made excellent actors. Since ancient times, actors in the theater have captured the imagination of the public. In the Shakespearean era, actors were expected to be adept at memorizing dialogue, singing, dancing, and combat. Actors could join acting companies supported by wealthy and noble patrons. This environment would allow the Leo to shine, both putting them in the limelight and giving them the chance to inspire others.

  • Virgos are perfectionists, both practical and detail-oriented. They do well processing information, making them excellent researchers, editors, technicians, and therapists.

    Virgos would flourish as detectives. In 1842, the British police started a detective force for the first time, realizing their need for people who would focus on solving crimes rather than preventing them. Detectives would need to process great amounts of information to find relevant evidence, requiring a Virgo's practicality and attention.

    Before the rise of the computers we know, Virgos would also have fit in well as a human computer. Computers were responsible for performing calculations, requiring strict attention to detail, and the ability to rapidly process data. Human computers had a role in many scientific and technological discoveries before the computer age, including the early NASA missions.