Historical Movies Where The 'Hero' Is The Wrong Person

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Although it may sound easy to depict a notable piece of history on screen, it can actually be quite difficult. The sheer number of historical movies that focus on the wrong person prove this point. Despite having books and research material that spell out exactly what happened, films can falter if their makers choose the wrong angle from which to come at the subject. They need to remember that the most interesting person is not always the most obvious one. In other cases, they're foiled by having multiple significant players with different viewpoints. Knowing which one to pick or how to blend them can be tricky.

This list will highlight some of the most notable examples. Keep in mind, we aren't saying these films are bad. While several of them certainly are lackluster, a few - like Braveheart and Argo - are considered legitimately great. Regardless of quality level, a strong case can be made in each instance that the story had someone else who would have made a better hero, or at least a vital co-hero. Some of these are instances where the hero has been fictionalized to the movie's overall detriment. Others are simply historical movies that focus on the least interesting character rather than the one with the most potential for good drama. 

Again, some of these movies are high quality, some are not. It's fun, though, to consider how each of them might have been different had they not gone with the "wrong" hero.