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11 Times People Disregarded Orders And Changed History

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The chain of command and obeying orders are two concepts that are essential to military success. But military history is still full of people who disobeyed orders. Armies are made up of individuals, and regardless of the time period or culture, there are always people who buck the system. 

The reasons soldiers have disobeyed are as varied as the world's militaries themselves. Many have refused commands that they personally found objectionable, like Col. Raoul Berube, the WWI commander who refused to fire on his troops for their perceived cowardice. With others, like Union General Daniel Sickles in the Civil War, their reasons had more to do with their own glory. And sometimes, soldiers have disobeyed because their orders were too cautious, as Australian Lt. Thomas Derrick did during the Battle of Sattelberg in 1943.

Here are some times people disregarded orders - and changed history along the way.