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We Found The Best Historical Photos Of Dogs With Jobs

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Historical photos often capture important moments in time that would otherwise be lost. Perhaps some of the most valuable of those photos are the ones that picture working dogs from history. Dogs who served alongside humans on the battlefield, dogs who transport postage and medicine though icy terrain, and dogs who pull off a pipe and goggles better than their human counterpart are all notable subjects in these historical images. 

Dogs with jobs are not a new concept and these working boys and girls deserve recognition for their service. Sergeant Stubby, the most decorated canine in history, led the WWI victory parade with a high tail and tongue out. Other pups from the past faced the front lines with similar courage and they have been memorialized in some of history's most fascinating photographs. 

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    A Messenger Dog Receiving Mail From A British Sergeant During WWI, France, 1918

    Photo: u/letsgoletsmario / Reddit
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    A British Medical Dog Supplies A Soldier With Bandages, 1915

    Photo: u/Freefight / Reddit
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    The Most Decorated Dog In History, Sgt. Stubby, Leading WWI Victory Parade, Circa 1918

    Photo: u/natezomby / Reddit
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    A Messenger Dog Laying An Electric Line On The Western Front, 1917

    Photo: u/jrods78 / Reddit
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