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Famous Historical Photos Recreated By 'The Simpsons'

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The Simpsons is well-known for its countless spot-on movie references throughout its many years. But the show's love of subtly (or overtly) recreating visual images doesn't end with pop culture -- the show has snuck in dozens of historical references as well, with the inhabitants of Springfield recreating everything from famous tragedies, to German propaganda films, to presidential races, to Woodstock.

Maybe you caught some of these references over the years, maybe not. Either way, which one of the historical photos recreated by The Simpsons strikes you as the most impressive? (All Simpsons screenshots via Frinkiac)

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    The Duff Blimp Suffers The Same Fate As The Hindenburg

    The Hindenburg, a German zeppelin, was set to land at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in New Jersey on May 6, 1937. During the airship's approach, the blimp suddenly burst in to flames, crashing to the ground below and claiming the lives of 36 people as a result.

    On The Simpsons, when Barney wins a chance to pilot the Duff Beer blimp, the scene ends the same way. Newsman Kent Brockman exclaims, "Oh, the humanity," which were the same words famously uttered by Herbert Morrison, a radio journalist covering the event and, ultimately, the disaster.

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    A Couch Gag Recreates A Famous Pic Of Construction Workers On A Girder

    One of opening couch gags on The Simpsons paid homage to workers - specifically those eating lunch on a girder in 1932. The picture of 11 construction workers taking a break while building the RCA Building in New York City, feet dangling as they banter high above the ground.

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    Martin Wins The Class Election And Channels Harry Truman

    Martin Wins The Class Election And Channels Harry Truman
    Photo: Fox / Flickr

    In an attempt to spread the word of the victorious presidential candidate, the Chicago Daily Tribute printed a front page that read "Dewey Defeats Truman." Unfortunately for Dewey and the newspaper, incumbent Harry S. Truman won in a surprising upset. The Democratic candidate defeated the Republican Governor of New York, embracing his underdog status and appealing to the masses for a come-from-behind win. 

    Just like Truman, Martin Prince unexpectedly defeats Bart in an election for class president (after no one but Martin and his friend Wendell actually vote), and he holds up the erroneous headline from The Daily Fourth Gradian after his win.

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    When The Simpsons Leave Australia, It Mirrors The Famous ‘Fall Of Saigon’ Helicopter Pic

    When The Simpsons Leave Australia, It Mirrors The Famous ‘Fall Of Saigon’ Helicopter Pic
    Photo: Fox / Wikipedia

    The Simpson family takes a trip to Australia during the sixth season of the show so Bart can personally apologize for an international phone calling prank that's gotten out of hand. But instead of apologizing, Bart continues to antagonize the Australians, and the family has to flee in a helicopter while a local mob chases them.

    The scene when the Simpsons board the helicopter mirrors a specific photo from the Fall of Saigon in 1975. After North Vietnamese forces attacked American forces, the United States began airlifting personnel from Saigon. The last US helicopter took off from Saigon on April 30, 1975. The famous photo shown here, however, is of Vietnamese nationals rescued from atop their apartment building the previous day.

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