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Which Famous Queen From History Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

History has given us a lot of great rulers. Often, the humble queens are overlooked for their kings, but let's be real; women change history all the time - from Libra Anne of Cleves, who managed to use kindness and logic to get out of her marriage alive, to Gemini Queen Victoria, who fell into a deep depression without her all-important relationship with Prince Albert. Some of these queens ruled with progressive ideas and truly changed their countries for the better; other times, they let their emotions get the best of them and slaughtered hundreds of people (here's looking at you, Queen Mary).

Your zodiac sign is a window into your soul, and these tough-as-heck royals and their zodiac signs will show you your perfect match. Let's just hope you use your ruling powers for good, rather than a streak of mass murder and a few loveless divorces.