12 Times Historical Royals Snuck Out In Secret To Do Totally Normal Things

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Sure, many kings, queens, and other royal folks wear crowns, have fancy titles, and live in the lap of luxury and privilege. But examples of royals doing normal things reveal they can be more common than they appear.

Many royals throughout history have secretly slipped beyond their walls to rub shoulders with commoners. (Some contemporary British royals even have jobs outside the monarchy, but that's another story.) Free from the constraints of courtly protocol, they've been able to chat with their subjects to see how they were doing, or in more modern times, maybe take their kids to a fast food restaurant. Many have done these activities incognito to blend in and avoid detection.

No matter how diligently royals have tried to disguise themselves, however, the fact that history has recorded these clandestine outings proves they weren't as secret as they were probably meant to be. These not-so-secret trips also helped bolster the image of some royals as popular men and women of the people. And many more secret outings are likely lost to history.