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Historic Sporting Events You'd Have to See If You Had a Time Machine

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You have been granted the secret of the time juice. No one knows exactly how it works, but it holds the power to transport you and your extra temporal vehicle through time. Exciting chrono adventures await, but you must know, there are rules for using the time juice.

1. Time juice is a limited resource. Each time slide will consume a portion of your supply, so you must prioritize your trips… rank them, if you will.

2. Time juice will only take you to historical sporting events. This is the best thing about time juice.

3. Time juice mysteriously prefers the North American continent. Transcontinental jumps consume vastly more time juice and there are no frequent flyers points. Soccer fans, invent your own juice to see great sporting events in history. #america

4. Time juice will typically only last long enough for one game, match, race, etc… Linger at your own risk.

5. Time juice will not permit you to collect on bet, or buy stocks, or get Shoeless Joe Jackson’s autograph, or whatever space/time continuum-trashing get-rich-quick scheme you're cooking up. Also you cannot kill Hitler at the 1936 Olympics. Don't even think about messing with space/time. Just stop it. 

With these parameters in mind, you must choose wisely to visit the most legendary of sporting moments, solve historical sports mysteries, and, most of all, enjoy this list of the historical sports moments you'd have to visit if you had a time machine (and more importantly, time juice).

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    Babe Ruth's Called Shot

    Video: YouTube

    When: October 1, 1932

    Where: Chicago, IL 

    The Event: This is a controversial moment in sports history. Did Babe Ruth really point to center field to declare that he would soon hit a home run in Game 3 of the World Series or is the story folkloric? There is film of the event, but it remains ambiguous. You'll need the closet seat you can find along the third base line to read faces and know for sure. As a special bonus, FDR will be in attendance. Try to score a handshake while you're there.

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    Wilt Chamberlain's 100 Point Game

    Video: YouTube

    When: March 2, 1962

    Where: Hershey, PA

    The Event: This game is a ridiculous one, but you'd have to go see it, in part because ALMOST NOBODY SAW IT. There was no television coverage, no video recording, and only about 4,000 spectators. A radio account wasn't even unearthed until 1988.

    It's known the Warriors manipulated the game with fouls in a deliberate effort to get more possessions, but still, the very notion of a 100-point game in the NBA is preposterous. 

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    Jackie Robinson's First Major League Game

    Photo: Bob Sandberg/Adam Cuerden / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    When: April 15, 1947

    Where: Brooklyn, NY

    The Event: This is a no-brainer. Can you imagine the buzz, tension, elation, apprehension, and very real danger leading up to the historic breaking of baseball's unspoken color barrier? You won't have to, thanks to your time machine. You can take in a watershed moment of baseball, civil rights, and American history all in one fell swoop. Jackie will walk and score a run, and that meant everything.

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    The Immaculate Reception

    Video: YouTube

    When: December 23rd 1972

    Where: Pittsburgh, PA

    The Event: No one knows if the deflected pass scooped up by Franco Harris and run for a game-winning touchdown in this 1972 AFC Divisional Playoff game touched the ground or not. Neither referees nor the camera caught the chaotic play definitively. The score was allowed to stand and the Steelers proceeded to win their first playoff game and first Super Bowl. The Raiders were left to wonder "What if?"

    Your time machine isn't the only newfangled contraption you should bring to this game. Bring a slow motion camera, record this play, and then destroy the footage once you know for sure what happened. Because why ruin the mystery for everybody else?

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