History Historic Sporting Events You'd Have to See If You Had a Time Machine  

Rhune Kincaid
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You have been granted the secret of the time juice. No one knows exactly how it works, but it holds the power to transport you and your extra temporal vehicle through time. Exciting chrono adventures await, but you must know, there are rules for using the time juice.

1. Time juice is a limited resource. Each time slide will consume a portion of your supply, so you must prioritize your trips… rank them, if you will.

2. Time juice will only take you to historical sporting events. This is the best thing about time juice.

3. Time juice mysteriously prefers the North American continent. Transcontinental jumps consume vastly more time juice and there are no frequent flyers points. Soccer fans, invent your own juice to see great sporting events in history. #america

4. Time juice will typically only last long enough for one game, match, race, etc… Linger at your own risk.

5. Time juice will not permit you to collect on bet, or buy stocks, or get Shoeless Joe Jackson’s autograph, or whatever space/time continuum-trashing get-rich-quick scheme you're cooking up. Also you cannot kill Hitler at the 1936 Olympics. Don't even think about messing with space/time. Just stop it. 

With these parameters in mind, you must choose wisely to visit the most legendary of sporting moments, solve historical sports mysteries, and, most of all, enjoy this list of the historical sports moments you'd have to visit if you had a time machine (and more importantly, time juice).

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When: February 22, 1980

Where: Lake Placid, NY

The Event: When Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1979, Cold War tensions were at all-time high. In fact, America ended up boycotting the 1980 Summer Games in Moscow. We couldn't fire nukes at them, but we could do the next best thing: beat them at their favorite sport on the world's biggest stage. Sports Illustrated named this the most memorable sports moment of the 20th century, and since you own your own time machine you already "believe in miracles."

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The Fight of the Century

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When: March 8, 1971

Where: New York, NY

The Event: Also known as Frazier vs. Ali 1, the Fight of the Century was the first heavyweight championship match between two undefeated boxers. Neither will be in their athletic prime, but that just means you see two smart boxers, rather than two all-out brawlers. Frazier won a unanimous decision after knocking Ali down in the 14th round. It's a no-brainer to catch the first politically charged go-round between these two titans.

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1936 Olympic Men's 4x100m Relay

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When: August 9, 1936

Where: Berlin, Germany

The Event: The greatest day in track and field legend Jessie Owens’s career was probably a Big Ten track meet in 1935, when he set three world records and tied a fourth in a span of 45 minutes. But, if you can spare the time juice, slide to the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, where he won four gold medals (100m, 200m, long jump, and 4x100m relay) to shove the idea of Aryan supremacy back in Adolf Hitler's face.

You must also solve the mystery of whether or not Owens and Hitler shook hands, a controversial moment that may or may not have happened.

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Jackie Robinson's First Major League Game

Jackie Robinson's First Ma... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Historic Sporting Events You'd Have to See If You Had a Time Machine
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When: April 15, 1947

Where: Brooklyn, NY

The Event: This is a no-brainer. Can you imagine the buzz, tension, elation, apprehension, and very real danger leading up to the historic breaking of baseball's unspoken color barrier? You won't have to, thanks to your time machine. You can take in a watershed moment of baseball, civil rights, and American history all in one fell swoop. Jackie will walk and score a run, and that meant everything.

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