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Weird Historical Stories That Sound Made Up (But Aren’t)

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There's a big difference between actual historical events and how the general public commonly remembers them. It works kind of like a game of telephone. Start with a simple fact, like "Benjamin Franklin once performed a kite experiment to study the electrical properties of lightning." As the story gets retold and embellished, eventually that story becomes "Benjamin flew a kite in a storm, got struck by a bolt of lightning, and proved electricity existed." Maybe that's more exciting, but it's not accurate. 

We all know, or think we know, stories from "history" that are really more like historical urban legends. If you've spent any time trying to investigate the origins of historical stories and found that many of them are exaggerated, you might think that true history is dry and prosaic. But that's not so! Interesting true stories from history can be just as weird as the "popular" versions we're more familiar with. 

Here are some stories from history that sound made-up or exaggerated, but really did happen.