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The Most Historically Important Food Innovations

Food is one of the greatest necessities and joys of our modern world. We eat to survive, but we also eat for pleasure, and we have centuries and centuries of historically important food innovations to thank for that. But this love of food is just one part of a bigger picture. When you get right down to it, it's hard to deny how food innovations changed history for the better.

It's pretty obvious how technology related to food creation and food storage has changed our world. People live longer and develop new medicines and cultural traditions all based on technological food innovations. Besides, the variety (and tastiness) of food that has spread through our culinary world is hard to scoff at. I mean, come on, how many types of cheese are there now? 

But the perfection that is cheese aside, which innovations do you think are the most historically relevant? Take a look at our list of historically important food technology and developments and vote up the ones you think are the best. And if you get hungry, you can thank food geniuses that came before you for whatever you decide to eat.