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14 Of The Dumbest Things Pop Culture Has Us Believe About Pirates

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"AAARRRRRHHHH, watch out for my peg leg, matey, and keep your hands off my parrot, or I'll make you walk the plank, AAARRRRRHHHH!" Pirate tropes pop up all over pop culture, from billion-dollar movie franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean to TV shows and video games. But the most familiar pirate archetypes aren't exactly historically accurate. And, if you think about it, many pirate tropes are downright idiotic. Why would real pirates make maps that led directly to their treasure? Or constantly fly the skull and crossbones, announcing to every ship that they're criminals?

The historical inaccuracies in Pirates of the Caribbean could fill an entire list. No, pirates weren't constantly in mutiny against their captains or running from ghost ships. But a lot of pirate tropes make for exciting plots - historically accurate pirate movies would have to feature guys named Moses Butterworth (an actual 18th-century pirate) who visited their wives on the weekend and peacefully voted for their pirate captains.