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11 Of The Dumbest Things Pop Culture Has Us Believe About Historical Royals

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Pop culture loves royals. From biopics about the romantic lives of queens to blockbusters that present monarchs as the bad guys, royalty tropes are everywhere. But just how accurate are these common tropes? Like nobility tropes, tropes about historical royals come in different forms. Some completely misrepresent historical figures, while others peddle inaccurate ideas about the function of royal duties.

One thing royal tropes have in common is that they usually oversimplify the wildly complicated past. Typically, this is done in the interest of telling a specific story, whether the royal is a central character or not. The series The Crown, for example, twists facts to promote the idea that Queen Elizabeth II has struggled to reconcile her personal life and her regal duties.

No matter how they do it or which figure from the past they reimagine, tropes about historical kings and queens sacrifice fact in service of fiction.