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The Complicated History Of Anne Frank's Diary

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Most students have read The Diary of Anne Frank; it's a bestseller and important part of history. Whether it's viewed as a reminder of the Holocaust or as the remarkable writings of a budding literary talent, the story behind Anne Frank's diary is full of controversy, some of which is still unfolding.

In her diaries, Anne includes facts about her birth in Germany in 1929, details about her family's move to Amsterdam as Hitler came to power, and reflections on hiding with seven other people in a secret annex. 

While Anne hid away for more than two years, she wrote her most personal thoughts in her diary. Her voice as a teenage girl with dreams, crushes, and questions about sexuality allowed readers to connect with her. Anne's quotes are still spoken of today, and the ownership of her words continually leads to legal battles over copyright. Many foundations cannot agree on how to best carry on Anne's legacy.

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