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Weird History
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For Decades, No One Knew About Congress's Secret Apocalypse Bunker In The Mountains Of West Virginia

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Though you might not think White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, when you think of private getaways, it is home to one of the most elite resorts in the United States: The Greenbrier. The resort has hosted numerous congressional meetings, 27 presidents, and has been around since 1778. However, underneath the beautiful resort sat a government secret so well kept that, up until 1992, its existence was only known to a handful of people. For 30 years, a secret Congressional bunker lay hidden in plain sight (well, behind a reinforced steel door) at the Greenbrier Resort.  

The 1950s and '60s were fraught with Cold War tension, and fears of a nuclear disaster. These fears led to a heightened interest in nuclear bunkers, underground safe spaces where important people (or whomever could afford to build such a shelter) could take refuge in case of nuclear war. President Eisenhower decided to build the bunker, believing Greenbrier to be the perfect location. It was far enough away from Washington D.C. to not need to withstand a direct hit from an atomic bomb, but close enough that members of Congress could rush over in about five hours. The bunker was built between 1958 and 1962 under the name "Project Greek Island," and was one of the government's best-kept secrets until its location was revealed in 1992.  

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