Graveyard Shift

A Terrifying Abandoned Hospital In Germany Is Still Allegedly Haunted By The Ghosts Of Nazi Soldiers

Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital, found southwest of Berlin, Germany, was originally opened in 1898 as a sanitarium for people afflicted with tuberculosis. The Beelitz sanatorium was responsible for taking in many patients from over-burdened Berlin, and the numerous fates met at the facility contribute to the ghost stories that surround its abandoned buildings. There were rumored to be two separate culprits who had slain their victims in the area, some in the woods nearby and one in the facility's gatehouse. 

Historically, the Beelitz-Heilstätten served as a hospital for the German Imperial Army during WWI and as a Soviet hospital until the 1990s after the Soviet invaders claimed it in 1945. It became infamous as the place where Adolf Hitler was nursed back to health after being hit in the leg during WWI.

Today, visitors can access the 60-building facility through an elevated walkway called "Baum and Zeit" ("tree and time"), which winds through the forest and around the upper levels of the buildings.