Weird History

The Surprisingly Long History Of Foreign Countries Meddling In American Elections

There was plenty of discussion about the possibility of rigged elections in America before the 2016 presidential election even occurred, and the discourse on foreign involvement in US elections has only grown more intense since. While the full details and implications of Russian interference in the 2016 election are still unknown - and may not ever be fully revealed - the multiple indictments of Russian nationals with direct ties to the Kremlin make it clear the meddling was both real and impactful. While this story has shocked most American observers, and rightfully so, it's not without historical precedent.

The United States of America became a major power player on the international stage as the 20th century began, and that meant political happenings within the country had a direct effect on the other nations of the world. As such, it was only natural that those other nations might want to have a hand in choosing the person who would occupy the White House. It's impossible to know how many influence campaigns have gone undetected over the decades, but foreign meddling in US elections dates back at least as far back as 1940 - and in nearly every election since then, too.

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