Things People Used For Personal Grooming Throughout History

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Hygiene, while it's something we take very seriously nowadays, has not always been a top priority in societies. As many myths or old wives tales go, people in ancient civilizations smelled and were unkempt. This is partially due to the fact that technology hadn't advance enough for proper devices to be created that allowed a more hygienic lifestyle, but also in part due to varying societal rules and trends. In fact, the history of personal grooming has more depth than some may assume at first thought. The Vikings for instance may initially seem like they were too consumed with fighting and destruction to care about personal hygiene, when they actually were meticulous when it came to keeping their hair and beards trimmed and clean.

Many of the personal grooming tools discovered from the sites of ancient civilizations are surprising, including gold-plated toothbrushes, Viking beard keeping kits, and ear scoops. We may expect to find some toothbrush sticks or ancient shaving tools, but overall what has been found emphasizes that hygiene in some fashion has been important to at least some for centuries. And some of these tools look truly out of this world.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Wikimedia Commons