15 Things You Didn't Know About Kyoshi From 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'

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Avatar Kyoshi is one of the most interesting out of all of Aang's past lives (that we know of). Avatar: The Last Airbender gives viewers only a small glimpse of Kyoshi's unwaveringly long and incredible life. Fortunately, no detail was spared in the novel, Avatar: The Last Airbender — The Rise of Kyoshi.  

We all know what happened to Chin the Conqueror, but do you know Kyoshi also created the domestic terror group, the Dai Li? Controversial but no doubt one of the best, Kyoshi actually lived most of her life thinking her best friend was the Avatar. In 230 years, she put together the pieces that her predecessor, Avatar Kuruk, left the state of the world in. These Avatar Kyoshi facts will surprise even the biggest Avatar: The Last Airbender fan.

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    Kyoshi Was Born In Poverty To Criminal Parents

    When Avatar Kuruk died, the identity of the new Avatar was unknown for a long time. Kuruk traveled with two men who helped perform his Avatar duties, Jianzhu and Kelsang. They searched in vain, because Kyoshi was born in poverty to parents known as criminals. 

    Kyoshi's mother and father operated apart of a network called The Flying Opera Company that terrorized the Earth Kingdom. They abandoned Kyoshi and left her in the care of a port village called Yokoya. Homeless and often starving, Kyoshi survived by eating garbage. 

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    An Earth Kingdom Boy, Yun, Was Falsely Named The Avatar

    Kuruk's past aids, Jianzhu and Kelsang, continued their search for the Avatar through the Earth Kingdom. They performed the traditional Earth Kingdom test on the youth of Yokoya, while Kyoshi watched from afar. Kelsang spotted her, and Kyoshi correctly chose the clay turtle as the first toy. She ran away before she could choose another, hesitant to trust anyone after being abandoned by her parents.

    They moved on, and declared a boy named Yun the Avatar. 

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    Kyoshi Was Employed As A Servant To The False Avatar

    Kelsang never forgot about the homeless and impoverished child from Yokoya that was Kyoshi. He stayed and gained her trust through acts of kindness, eventually becoming an adoptive father. Kelsang, who was faithful to Avatar Kuruk, offered Kyoshi a position as a servant in the newly built Avatar Mansion in the Earth Kingdom. 

    Kyoshi worked for the false Avatar, Yun, and the two became great friends. 

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    Despite Being Bullied As A Child, She Took To Neutral Jing

    Avatar Kyoshi is known for her brutality, having slayed Chin the Conqueror and even some before him. But because Kyoshi was so poor and frail growing up, she never had the means to properly defend herself. As a young person, she often resorted to petty theft and running to survive.

    Even employed at the Avatar Mansion, Kyoshi was still made fun of because of her background. Before her earthbending abilities were even fully realized, Kyoshi took to neutral jing to settle disputes.

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    Like Aang, Kyoshi Was Part Of A Tight Knit Group

    Kyoshi, the unrealized, unidentified Avatar, and Yun, the unknowingly false Avatar, were joined at the hip most of their teenage years. Yun's firebending teacher, Rangi, was also part of this tight-knit group. However, Yun and Kyoshi ended up becoming more than friends, taking part in a sitcom-level will-they-won't-they we would've liked to see on screen.

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    Kyoshi Was Identified As Avatar In A Completely Unique Way

    Kyoshi lived most of her youth not knowing she was the Avatar. One day, Kyoshi was at the Avatar Mansion with Yun, the "Avatar," and the Avatar aids. The group was reciting poems, and Kyoshi recited a specific love poem written by her predecessor, Avatar Kuruk. 

    Kelsang, Kyoshi's adoptive father and one of the aids, immediately realized what this must mean. After confirming Kyoshi had never heard the poem before, Kelsang decided to keep this discovery a secret for the time being.