Weird History

All About The 'Other Black Plague' That Caused You To Sweat To Death Near-Instantly

From 1485 through the latter part of the 16th century, a new plague – English "sweating sickness" – ravaged England and Europe, killing thousands of people. The fearsome disease had many names including, "Sudor Anglicus," "English Sweat," "the Sweat," "the Swat," "the New Acquaintance," and “Stoupe! Knave and know thy master." The dreaded sweat, which took its victims in fewer than 24 hours, was more or less localized in England, but it made its way to the European Continent in 1528.

The symptoms of sweating sickness not only confused contemporary medical practitioners but their cause also remains a mystery. And, of course, like the dreaded Black Death, sweating sickness was terrifying, deadly, and really, really unpleasant.