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Weird History
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In Less Than 40 Years, A Small Pacific Island Plummeted From Unprecedented Wealth To Abject Poverty

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Nauru is a relatively tiny island in the Pacific Ocean. Technically part of Micronesia, a subregion of thousands of tiny westerly islands in the Pacific Ocean, the land was first called Pleasant Island by the British, who used it as a vacation destination. The island's rich phosphate deposits drew colonizers from around the world, and it was occupied or governed by Australia, Germany, and Japan until it formally gained independence in 1968. Over the next 40 years, the beautiful tropical island became a wasteland. The center of the island is currently uninhabitable, and the outer region consists of crumbling buildings and slums. Poor government management and corruption took one of the wealthiest nations in the world and drove it into the ground.  

Nauru is a nation gripped in a cycle of poverty and human rights abuses. But how exactly did they go from tropical paradise to hell on earth, and what does the future hold for them? 

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